The change of plan

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Despite our relentless efforts to utilize the family house we own and establish our microbrewery enterprise there, the obstacles to this plan proved to be too large and we had to abandon it. Changing the Land Use Plan turned out to be unrealistic and after several meetings with representatives of the city we decided that we will not continue with the original efforts. It was time to look around for another building suitable for establishment of a production facility which we could either rent or acquire into property. City offered us one such building to rent or to purchase. However, the rent price as well as total selling price of the property were too high for us. Moreover, the building had to be re-connected to all the utilities since the original connections were removed during construction of an industrial park located in the building's immediate neighborhood.

After months of searching our paths crossed with a local entrepreneur who liked our idea and offered to sell us the building of a former grocery store located in the nearby village of Gemerská Panica for a reasonable price. After initial visual inspection of the building it was clear that it is more generous in space than our house and establishment of a production facility there would be much more comfortable. We therefore contacted the mayor of Gemerská Panica and discussed our intention with him. The mayor was honestly excited about our plans and invited us to a meeting of their Municipal Council in order to present our business plan in front of members of Municipal Council and citizens of the municipality. The Municipal Council subsequently voted in agreement of the business plan and since citizens living in the neighborhood of the building raised no objection we decided to buy the building and begin with its reconstruction.

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