And here it is. Brewed, aged, bottled, ready... Cheers!

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We are happy to come up with an article that is finally not just about mortar and concrete. In the meantime, we managed to complete the reconstruction of the interior of the brewery building, install and put into operation the production technology and complete the process of approval of the production facility by the authorities. We will look back at these activities and, for the sake of interest, publish a few articles with photos. At this point, however, we would like to focus on the fact that the first experimental brews took place in our brewery at the end of last year. After removing minor flaws and tuning the recipes, we subsequently brewed the first of three beers that are included in our permanent offer: Jajnekem Pale Lager, Jajnekem Dark Lager, Jajnekem APA. All three beers are well-aged and ready for sale. They are available in packages: glass bottle 0,33 l, glass bottle 0,5 l, PET bottle 1,5 l, keg 30 l, keg 50 l. If you are interested in purchasing individual products, please contact us at email address, or write us a message via our Facebook page. In the foreseeable future, we are preparing to launch online sales with delivery in the surroundings of Gemerská Panica. We plan to expand our portfolio of beers with other types of beer. Stay tuned for more information.

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