Construction activity in brief I.

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About three years after the connection request was submitted, a miracle occurred.

Electricity 01Electricity 02Electricity 03Electricity 04Electricity 05Electricity 06Electricity 07Electricity 08Electricity 09Electricity 10Electricity 11Electricity 12Electricity 13Electricity 14Electricity 15Electricity 16Electricity 17Electricity 18Electricity 19Electricity 20Electricity 21Electricity 22Electricity 23Electricity 24Electricity 25

Old floor tiles removal
The original tiles had to go away.

Old floor tiles removal 01Old floor tiles removal 02Old floor tiles removal 03Old floor tiles removal 04

Stainless steel drainage channels
One nice day we received components for stainless drainage channels. We opted for box channels, which are more expensive than slotted channels. However, experience from other craft breweries has persuaded us that there is no room for compromise in this area.

Stainless steel drainage channels 01Stainless steel drainage channels 02

Aerated concrete blocks
The blocks strategically placed in the building. Finally, something will be bricked up and not just demolished.

Aerated concrete blocks 01Aerated concrete blocks 02Aerated concrete blocks 03

New helpmate
In order to be able to seriously supply the construction site with material, we had to get a new helpmate.

New helpmate 01New helpmate 02

Doors and windows
Exterior doors and windows arrived. Their assembly began shortly.

Doors and windows 01Doors and windows 02Doors and windows 03Doors and windows 04Doors and windows 05

Work in full swing
Now this looks like a pretty serious reconstruction.

Work in full swing 01Work in full swing 02Work in full swing 03Work in full swing 04Work in full swing 05Work in full swing 06Work in full swing 07Work in full swing 08Work in full swing 09Work in full swing 10Work in full swing 11

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