First serious obstacle

Posted by Alexander Bocko on

Our decision to convert home brewing into a legal microbrewery enterprise and use the family house we have available for this purpose is firm but the question remains what will municipal and state authorities think about our intention. During our visit to the local Office of Construction, Environment, and City development we had an opportunity to take a look at the city's Land Use Plan. We learned that our house unfortunately is located in the zone dedicated to family houses only. In order to be able to change the purpose of our house from family house to industrial building a change to the Land Use Plan would have to be performed first and the lot where the house stands would have to be integrated to the zone dedicated to multifunctional buildings. The head of the office told us that a change to the Land Use Plan is not impossible but he warned us that it is a lengthy process. It also requires certain financial resources to be spent which are fully borne by the requestor. Mainly we will have to pay a planner who will prepare materials for the change and secure all the required statements form appropriate state offices. We therefore started negotiations with a planner who already has certain experience in this area and we arranged for a meeting with him where we would like to discuss our intention and agree on the next course of action.

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