Cesspool installation

Posted by Alexander Bocko on

It is required to place something permanent in the beautifully excavated pit, which will move the pit to higher dimensions, open new possibilities, until now only in dreams imagined, please the builder's eye and fill a person suddenly surprised by different needs with hope. And so, the day came when the prefabricated tanks, after a long wait, triumphantly arrived from the manufacturer and, after sudden and tedious preparatory work, rested on the bottom of a space carefully prepared for them, as when a mother makes a cradle for her child. Serve faithfully you reinforced concrete cast sisters, bring light to the dark chapter of liquid waste management and… Let it cover quickly and let it get out of my sight. One more day like this and I'm done with the whole brewery…

Cesspool installation 01Cesspool installation 02Cesspool installation 03Cesspool installation 04Cesspool installation 05Cesspool installation 06Cesspool installation 07Cesspool installation 08Cesspool installation 09Cesspool installation 10Cesspool installation 11Cesspool installation 12Cesspool installation 13Cesspool installation 14

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