Transformer replacement

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Our great building had no functional connection to any network, and we had to begin to address this unfortunate situation. As a first in a row we decided to take care about the electrical connection. With regard to all planned electrical equipment and further potential expansion of the shop, we asked for a 125A connection. At the same time, another entrepreneur from the municipality asked to increase the capacity of his electrical connection independently from us. In order to be able to cover required capacity, the company managing the distribution network then scheduled replacement of the transformer servicing the entire village. It meant a power outage for eight hours. It was at that time that we visited the local pub because we needed to consult local people on a certain matter. Where else one first learns the necessary information if not in a pub. The customers were settled in their places as usual. They were not discouraged from consuming their favorite beverage either by the fact that they had to perform this activity in considerable darkness. The pub's visitors immediately and unmistakably linked the cause of the power outage to us. As a compensation for this inconvenience, we had to pay everyone a shot of Borovichka.

Transformer replacement 01

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