Passage for sewer pipe

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Work on the sewer connection has started. We must build a cesspool on the land and divert the waste from the building to this cesspool with a new sewer pipe. The original sewer pipe made of cast-iron pipes is in an emergency state and flows into the tripod. This solution is unsatisfactory in several respects. As a first thing, we built a passage for new sewer pipe under the foundations of the building. We made a reinforced concrete lintel above the passage pipe to protect the pipeline from possible settling of the foundation. We placed one more passage pipe on the finished lintel. This passage pipe will be used for technical room’s floor ventilation pipeline.

Passage for sewer pipe 01Passage for sewer pipe 02Passage for sewer pipe 03Passage for sewer pipe 04Passage for sewer pipe 05Passage for sewer pipe 06

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