First serious brewing

Posted by Alexander Bocko on

The time has come to break the ice and try to brew the first beer which can be offered to customers. Our production facility is still far from being ready to accommodate that level of brewing. However, we managed to agree on a gypsy brewing in Piešťanský pivovar. We had a recipe prepared for a longer period of time already. Our brewmaster assembled it while tirelessly brewing on our home brewing brewhouse. Speaking of style the beer belongs to APA group of beers or American Pale Ale. We considered the possibility to brew in a well established craft brewery as a very useful experience and we are grateful to our good friends from Piešťanský pivovar ŽiWELL for all their advice and assistance. The beer is currently at the stage of aging and should be ready to be racked into barrels and bottles in the next two weeks.

First serious brewing 01First serious brewing 02First serious brewing 03First serious brewing 04First serious brewing 05First serious brewing 06First serious brewing 07First serious brewing 08First serious brewing 09

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