Jajnekem Pale Lager 11°

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The beer brewed from three types of malt - Pilsen malt, Munich malt, and caramel malt. Combined with three types of Czech hops, which were not spared so that the beer was properly bitter. At first you can feel the fullness of beer. The malty taste with subtle nutty and caramel tones comes to the fore. The bitterness is strong but not intrusive and gradually declines. The foam has a whipped consistency, it is thick and falls slowly, which is a guarantee of first-class beer quality. Despite the low gradation, this beer is sharp and few people stay with one glass only.

Beer type: Unpasteurized, unfiltered, bottom-fermented, pale barley beer
Ratio of all extracts in the wort before fermentation: 11%
Alcohol percentage by volume: 4.5%
Ingredients: Drinking water, Barley malt, Hops, Brewer's yeast
Malts used: Pilsen malt, Munich malt, Caramel malt

Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Store upright in a cool and dark place at a temperature of +2 to +7 °C. Once opened, consume immediately.