Jajnekem Dark Lager

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The beer inspired by the legendary Czech beer Flek which represents one of the oldest brewing traditions in Czech Republic and has been brewed for over 300 years according to the original recipe. The base consists of four types of malt - Pilsen malt, Munich malt, dark caramel malt and special roasted malt. Only two Czech hops are used, sensitively combined not to suppress the roasted expression of beer. The foam is significantly thick and lasts until the end of drinking in a cup. At the beginning, you can feel strong caramel and roasted tones very similar to coffee, underlined by a slightly sweet taste. Medium density and caramel persist and turn into a pleasant bitterness. Despite the fact that the beer has 13 degrees, it contains only 5.5 percent of alcohol and is very drinkable. Would you like to experience the beginning of the second millennium AD in the old hundred-spired Prague sitting in the old tavern under the castle? If yes, then this beer is ideal for you.

Beer type: Unpasteurized, unfiltered, bottom-fermented, dark barley beer
Ratio of all extracts in the wort before fermentation: 13%
Alcohol percentage by volume: 5.5%
Ingredients: Drinking water, Barley malt, Hops, Brewer's yeast
Malts used: Pilsen malt, Munich malt, Dark caramel malt, Special roasted malt

Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Store upright in a cool and dark place at a temperature of +2 to +7 °C. Once opened, consume immediately.