First serious brewing

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05.04.2017 - 14:51

The time has come to break the ice and try to brew the first beer which can be offered to customers. Our production facility is still far from being ready to accommodate that level of brewing. However, we managed to agree on a gypsy brewing in Piešťanský pivovar. We had a recipe prepared for a longer period of time already. Our brewmaster assembled it while tirelessly brewing on our homebrewing brewhouse. Speaking of style the beer belongs to APA group of beers or American Pale Ale.


Tin roof replacement

Submitted by admin on Mon, 24.10.2016 - 18:22

After the purchase of our building we were convinced that a building with such a long and diverse history must be hiding a priceless treasure somewhere in its bowels which we will once discover. So far unfortunately we discovered only couple of surprises in the form of critically damaged parts of the building. The third issue in a row which required immediate action was leaky tin roof over building extension. Water entering through holes in the roof considerably damaged the ceiling of the room located directly below this roof.

Reinforcement of carrying pillar base

Submitted by admin on Thu, 06.10.2016 - 20:54

Another problem we discovered during inspection of the cellar was related to base of the pillar carrying lintel and part of ceiling above the largest room. Similar to cellar’s vault-ceiling this base was weakened by long-term exposure to humid environment. We therefore reinforced base of the pillar with a concrete casing which now firmly holds it. The concrete casing will be supported by construction debris the whole cellar will be filled up with later on. This will provide the pillar with sufficiently strong and stable base.

Demolition of cellar

Submitted by admin on Mon, 29.08.2016 - 11:04

After detailed inspection of cellar situated under one of the rooms we found out that its vault-ceiling built of brick is largely damaged due to moisture. Bricks in some places disintegrated when touched just with bare hands. The room above this cellar is the largest of all the rooms in our building and we plan to place brewhouse exactly into this room. Brewhouse equipment has considerable weight which significantly increases when filled with water during brewing process. A question arose whether the cellar ceiling can withstand that weight and will not fall down.