Jajnekem Dark Tenner

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Dark beer that has almost all parameters identical to our 13 degree Dark Lager inspired by the legendary Flek beer. It is composed of four types of malt and two types of Czech hops. The parameters where it differs from the Dark Lager are the lower levels of sugar and milder bitterness. It is sharper with a less full body, which is an advantage especially in the warm summer months, as it is very drinkable while maintaining a pleasant coffee taste underlined by a hint of caramel and nuts. We recommend it to all lovers of dark beer but also to those who do not want to sit near one glass of beer.

Beer type: Unpasteurized, unfiltered, bottom-fermented, dark barley beer
Ratio of all extracts in the wort before fermentation: 10%
Alcohol percentage by volume: 4,0%
Ingredients: Drinking water, Barley malt, Hops, Brewer's yeast
Malts used: Pilsen malt, Munich malt, Dark caramel malt, Special roasted malt