Sewer pipeline under technical room

Submitted by admin on Tue, 17.07.2018 - 15:48

After deepening the cellar space to the required depth, we dug out trenches, which we filled-up with 0-4 fraction backfill sand. We have then laid sewer pipeline in the sand. This pipeline is designated to serve technical room which will be established in this space over time. The main sewer pipe which drains the sewage from the entire building also passes under the technical room. A floor drain was planned to be placed in the middle of technical room floor.

Passage for sewer pipe

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02.06.2018 - 20:45

Work on the sewer connection has started. We must build a cesspool on the land and divert the waste from the building to this cesspool with a new sewer pipe. The original sewer pipe made of cast-iron pipes is in an emergency state and flows into the tripod. This solution is unsatisfactory in several respects. As a first thing, we built a passage for new sewer pipe under the foundations of the building. We made a reinforced concrete lintel above the passage pipe to protect the pipeline from possible settling of the foundation.

Deepening the cellar

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12.11.2017 - 22:54

We are fully aware that we are losing almost perfect interior for shooting a B category horror movie, but the situation is relentless. In the part of the cellar which is usable we have to remove the partition wall and deepen the whole space so that it can be utilized for establishing a utility and boiler room. Furthermore, the main sewer pipes will lead below this room out of the building. We first removed the partition wall. Then we broke the original floor and carried all the rubble out. Subsequently we started to deepen the cellar.

And yet again another concreting

Submitted by admin on Sun, 20.11.2016 - 19:51

Since we decided to fill up the part of the cellar that was in disrepair, we had to fill the door leading to that part of the cellar with concrete filling. We made the formwork and pulled out the mixer. This way we added one of the inherent ingredients to Saturday's village mood. Besides tireless circular saw whirling, urgent rooster screams, and riotous dogs barking it is, of course, tenderly hypnotic mixer rattling. The concrete is already maturing…

Tin roof replacement

Submitted by admin on Mon, 24.10.2016 - 18:22

After the purchase of our building we were convinced that a building with such a long and diverse history must be hiding a priceless treasure somewhere in its bowels which we will once discover. So far unfortunately we discovered only couple of surprises in the form of critically damaged parts of the building. The third issue in a row which required immediate action was leaky tin roof over building extension. Water entering through holes in the roof considerably damaged the ceiling of the room located directly below this roof.

Reinforcement of carrying pillar base

Submitted by admin on Thu, 06.10.2016 - 20:54

Another problem we discovered during inspection of the cellar was related to base of the pillar carrying lintel and part of ceiling above the largest room. Similar to cellar’s vault-ceiling this base was weakened by long-term exposure to humid environment. We therefore reinforced base of the pillar with a concrete casing which now firmly holds it. The concrete casing will be supported by construction debris the whole cellar will be filled up with later on. This will provide the pillar with sufficiently strong and stable base.

Transformer replacement

Submitted by admin on Thu, 06.10.2016 - 15:58

Our great building had no functional connection to any network, and we had to begin to address this unfortunate situation. As a first in a row we decided to take care about the electrical connection. With regard to all planned electrical equipment and further potential expansion of the shop, we asked for a 125A connection. At the same time, another entrepreneur from the municipality asked to increase the capacity of his electrical connection independently from us.

Demolition of cellar

Submitted by admin on Mon, 29.08.2016 - 11:04

After detailed inspection of cellar situated under one of the rooms we found out that its vault-ceiling built of brick is largely damaged due to moisture. Bricks in some places disintegrated when touched just with bare hands. The room above this cellar is the largest of all the rooms in our building and we plan to place brewhouse exactly into this room. Brewhouse equipment has considerable weight which significantly increases when filled with water during brewing process. A question arose whether the cellar ceiling can withstand that weight and will not fall down.

Clearing debris from interior premises II.

Submitted by admin on Sun, 03.04.2016 - 17:54

Debris from the first three rooms was successfully cleared away and now it came time to clear it away from the last two rooms as well. Could there be anything more pleasant than a Saturday spent doing physical activity? We were not able to determine the answer to this question so we decided to get over it. We rather took shovels and we finally sent debris into the past. All that was left are just nicely cleaned rooms ready for the next phase of reconstruction.

Clearing debris from interior premises I.

Submitted by admin on Fri, 25.03.2016 - 01:29

Floor in  rooms of our building was covered with decent layer of debris after removing old plaster from walls and ceilings. At first glance, it was clear to us that one could just hardly arrange for better scenery for World War II film making. We therefore approached several US film studios with mutually beneficial cooperation offer. For better imagination we even filmed a short battle scene in the premises and we attached it to our presentation. The answer however was not coming.